Sunday, September 25, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday post #3

Set up:

Here's a little something we've been cooking on the back burner. These six sentences come from a WIP we're calling Sucs...Like a House on Fire. Our heroine is Val, one of four succubi friends. In this scene the group is meeting and Val is the second to arrive. Her frenemy, Rene, is already occupying a seat at "their" table. Val is very tense is needing to feed.

Our six sentences:

Her pussy ached, her nipples tingled and her mouth watered. She so needed to feed tonight.

Rene arched a pale eyebrow in Val’s direction. “Hungry much?” she asked cattily. “The pheromones rolling off you right now could start a new free love movement,” she chuckled, then sighed dramatically. “Damn, I miss the sixties.”

We hoped you enjoyed our six sentences. Please stop by to view our individual six sentence contributions, Jp Archer and Lani Rhea. To view others, stop here Six Sunday.  We would love to hear from you. Have a great Sunday!

Rhea Archer

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gemma parkes said...

Great six, intriguing!