Friday, September 16, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday post #4

Hello! Welcom to another Friday. To view other flashes visit this link Flash Fiction Friday.

Here are our 100:

“You said the day we walk a mile naked you would remodel the bathroom.”
“And when did I agree to that.”
“Last night. Remember the massage oil, the chocolate sauce.”
Brad cleared his throat. “You know we’re going to go to jail for this.”
“Did you bring money for bail?”
“Do I look like I have a Visa shoved up my ass?”
Lucy laughed. “I did.”
“And where did you put that?”
“Remember the massage oil.”
“I hope you brought enough money to bail us both out.”
“Sorry, the space is limited.”
“Oh shit. Here come the cops.”
“Smile dear.”


We hope you enjoyed our 100! Have a great Friday!

Rhea Archer


Anonymous said...

HeeHee Love it! Makes me wonder where she stashed the cash.

Chris Quinton said...

LMAO - Brilliant!

VenusBookluvr said...

I can't stop giggling!!

mrs z said...

Who told you about my date? (hee hee). Very nice. Brought a smile on this dismal friday

Benjamin Tiberius Russell said...

Oh My Goodness, where did she stash the cash? I wonder what the incentive will be for cleaning out the garage?

Bonni S. said...

Made me laugh. I needed that! Thanks for sharing your excellent FFF post.

Katie Harper said...

Nothing like a good ole fashioned naked walk in the rain. Great job!! (And where exactly is that Visa stashed?)

Jp Archer said...

I thought it was a great collaboration! I hope every one enjoyed it as much as we did.

Sara York said...

I love this story. How cool and she gets a remodel too!

Muffy Wilson said...

I love a story where the woman is always right!! She has a tidy, tiny snap shut purse. Guess he's should come prepared next time 'cause today he's going to jail. He should be REAL popular there dressed like that:) xo

Davee said...

saucy tit for tat. nice work

gemma parkes said...

Very funny Rhea! Very strange ATM! Great 100