Friday, September 9, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday post #3

Thanks for stopping by today! We hope you enjoy our Flash Fiction Friday. To view the others visit Flasher Fiction Friday blog.

Here are our 100:

Rene closed the bedside table drawer shut. Stuffing the money inside her purse, she turned to the window. With one leg hanging over the side, Rene debated. Should she really do this? With her belongings in hand, she went back to the table.

Tucking the money inside, she turned to William. His lips where turned up in one corner. Sighing, Rene grinned and slipped back into the rumpled sheets.

For a moment she envisioned many things accompanied with luxury. She’d run another night—after another robbery. After all, they were the best damned criminals since Bonnie and Clyde, except untraceable.

Rhea Archer


Bonni S. said...

Very inventive. There are so many good twists and turns today. Iloved it.

Heaven Liegh said...

Love the twist.

Muffy Wilson said...

This is particularly clever:) xo
I just loved it. Tell me more....

Sara York said...

Love it! Looking like that she would be memorable though.

Benjamin Tiberius Russell said...

This is so cool, everyone has come up with some very inventive takes on this picture. This is indeed one of the most creative, I am quite impressed.

Davee said...

bonnie and clyde, natural born killers, and now this team. lol
nice 100 for the week!