Friday, September 30, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday post #6

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Here is our 100:

“Your scent is so damn sweet.”

“Please, let me. I need you in my mouth.”

His breath seized between his teeth when Lacy looped her fingers over the elastic. He never imagined she would cooperate with the blindfold. Mark bent low, lifted a strand of her hair and inhaled. He wanted Lacy.

To gift her, Mark straightened and allowed her delicate palms to cup him. Her delicious, warm tongue, velvet soft, stroked long from head to sac. She nipped with lips up and down followed with her teeth. Her teeth—oh shit.

Mark shot up from bed. "Damn dream!"
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Rhea Archer

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday post #3

Set up:

Here's a little something we've been cooking on the back burner. These six sentences come from a WIP we're calling Sucs...Like a House on Fire. Our heroine is Val, one of four succubi friends. In this scene the group is meeting and Val is the second to arrive. Her frenemy, Rene, is already occupying a seat at "their" table. Val is very tense is needing to feed.

Our six sentences:

Her pussy ached, her nipples tingled and her mouth watered. She so needed to feed tonight.

Rene arched a pale eyebrow in Val’s direction. “Hungry much?” she asked cattily. “The pheromones rolling off you right now could start a new free love movement,” she chuckled, then sighed dramatically. “Damn, I miss the sixties.”

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Rhea Archer

Friday, September 23, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday post #5

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Here is our 100:

George’s wife insisted he wear the feminine colored underwear, said it would enhance the Breast Cancer calendar sales. The awareness hit too close for George, for his precise Misty was a five year survivor.

He lay on the bed and waited for the next position to model. George watched his wife’s lip turn to a cute little smile.

“Okay, lean up and smolder at me, my love.”

“Like this?”

“Perfect,” she purred. “After this you deserve a treat.”

George settled his eyes on Misty’s breasts. Though they were implants with tattooed nipples, he loved to love her.

“We’re almost done.”

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Rhea Archer

Friday, September 16, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday post #4

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Here are our 100:

“You said the day we walk a mile naked you would remodel the bathroom.”
“And when did I agree to that.”
“Last night. Remember the massage oil, the chocolate sauce.”
Brad cleared his throat. “You know we’re going to go to jail for this.”
“Did you bring money for bail?”
“Do I look like I have a Visa shoved up my ass?”
Lucy laughed. “I did.”
“And where did you put that?”
“Remember the massage oil.”
“I hope you brought enough money to bail us both out.”
“Sorry, the space is limited.”
“Oh shit. Here come the cops.”
“Smile dear.”


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Rhea Archer

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday post #2

Welcome to our second Six Sentence Sunday! This is a taste of The Ark Hotel: Before The Dawn.


Our leading lady Angie has just moved into the garage apartment behind our hero's house. This is her first morning to have worry free time to herself. Our hero, Noah, is about to get an ear and an eye full. ;)

Our six:

He decided it was time to get up and get moving, time and tide and all that. Thirty minutes, a shower and a shave later he was hustling out his back door, coffee in hand. He strode to his truck parked next to Angie’s red Hyundai. He heard the strains of popular music floating in the air. So, she was a Pink fan, and she liked it loud! Movement in the picture window had him spewing coffee all over his clean shirt.


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Rhea Archer

Friday, September 9, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday post #3

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Here are our 100:

Rene closed the bedside table drawer shut. Stuffing the money inside her purse, she turned to the window. With one leg hanging over the side, Rene debated. Should she really do this? With her belongings in hand, she went back to the table.

Tucking the money inside, she turned to William. His lips where turned up in one corner. Sighing, Rene grinned and slipped back into the rumpled sheets.

For a moment she envisioned many things accompanied with luxury. She’d run another night—after another robbery. After all, they were the best damned criminals since Bonnie and Clyde, except untraceable.

Rhea Archer

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday post #1

The Ark Hotel: Before the Dawn is an erotic romance with strong romance. Before the Dawn has been submitted to Sizzler Intoxications. These six sentences have not been professionally edited by our editor.


Angie met a woman and a man who give back in a “Pay it Forward” sense. Outside of the restaurant, Noah starts to see some truth from Angie’s abused past. He is trying to show her that not all men will hit.

Our six:

“I thought he loved me. I thought if I tried hard enough I could be better and then he would be better.”

A strong hand lifted her chin from her chest and wiped away the glistening drops. “Angie, love doesn’t leave these kind of marks.”

She froze at his tender touch, then backed away suddenly. Gathering herself together again, Angie put the brakes on her fluttering heart.


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Rhea Archer

Friday, September 2, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday post #2 Sunset Blvd.

As the needle broke her skin, she held her breath as the pain and the pleasure mixed inside her. Her own reflection wavered in her eyes. Once, Playboy had offered her a million to bare all, now she was doing it for what amounted to peanuts. A minute or more passed. Jennifer slipped back into the suit jacket. With a grim smile to the mirror she challenged, “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.”

Oh, how the mighty are fallen.
Jennifer opened the door, going to the couch. “Let’s do this.”

She’d give them a scene they would never forget.


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