Sunday, October 9, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday post #5

These six sentences come from our soon-to-be published WIP. One of many stories we plan to share with the world.
The Ark Hotel: Before the Dawn is a contemporary erotic romance.
This story has not been professionally edited by our editor at Sizzler Intoxications.

Set Up:

Noah and Angie are at a gazebo stringing lights when barriers are broken. They heat up the late November night at a Christmas display, charity event.
Our Six Sentences:

A wild pace settled behind his eyes. She barely kept her balance when Noah spun away with her hand in his.

“We’re done,” he growled.

Angie giggled at his impatience. The reflection of her needs helped her keep speed with Noah’s lengthy strides. They almost jogged towards his truck, leaving the gazebo and sleigh behind.


Bonni S. said...

Great six. Why's is Noah so impatient?

Heaven Liegh said...

I really wish there was a little more to this scene. Why is he growling? Is it I'm going to eat you alive growl or is he agitated? I want more! Great SSS.

Sara York said...

Very good. Now I want to read more.

Cynthia Arsuaga said...

Makes you want to learn more! Great six.

Jean said...

What is he impatient for? Need to know. Great six!

Anonymous said...

your set up really makes this scene. Lovely!